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4.BIT.MICROCOMPUTER is passionate about vintage analog gear and old school Acid House from Chicago. This producer originally from Madrid, now based in Valencia, delivers us four tracks composed and played on the legendary Roland TB 303 & TR 707, those that have shaped the origins of the House. The 4-BIT music is a very effective simplicity, as if trying to extract the essence of a sound that is enjoyable inevitably and unstoppable pounding dancefloor. 4 tracks that take us back to the end of the 80’s decade, where a new musical breath, minimalist, underground and “avant-garde” at the same time, came to take the reins of the nightclubs and other large synthetic masses

4.BIT.MICROCOMPUTER est un passionné de machines vintages et de sons old school Acid House en provenance de Chicago. Ce producteur originaire de Madrid, aujourd’hui basé à Valence, nous délivre 4 morceaux composés et joués sur les mythiques Roland TB 303 & autres TR 707, celles qui ont façonné les origines de la House. La musique de 4-BIT est d’une simplicité redoutablement efficace, comme s’il cherchait à en extraire la quintessence d’un son inévitablement jouissif et qui martèle imparablement le dancefloor . 4 titres qui nous replongent à la fin de la décennie 80, là où un nouveau souffle musical  minimaliste, underground et avant-gardiste à la fois, venait prendre les rennes des discothèques et autres grandes messes synthétiques…

℗ & © 2015 Bruit Noir Records
Distribution by Believe Digital
Artwork by Pirate Castle

XEUM “Ostinato” EP [BRUIT NOIR 011]

BN011 (1440 Retouchée) V3

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For the 11th reference signed on Bruit Noir Records, we are pleased to welcome XEUM which delivered us two songs imbued with martial techno without concession. It’s not his first attempt for the Paris-born producer who released several remixes and an EP on Leonizer Records, the Berlin based lab of Leonard De Leonard that greeted the first productions of NASSER or StereoHeroes among others.

XEUM gives us here a radically metronomic and stubbornly repetitive music. Ostinato” with his sustained bass, his obsessive rhythmic form and chromatic variations, evokes a youth in search of large and loud masses improvised in disused industrial warehouses. Clave” is itself more minimalist and percussive, ideally embodies a twilight soundtrack tailored for the dancefloors.

Pour la 11ème référence signée sur Bruit Noir Records, nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir XEUM qui nous délivre 2 titres empreints d’une techno martiale sans concession. Le producteur d’origine parisienne n’en est pas à son premier coup d’essai, il a pour cause sorti plusieurs remixes et un EP sur Leonizer Records, l’écurie berlinoise de Leonard De Leonard qui accueillit les  premières productions de NASSER ou StereoHeroes entre autres.

XEUM nous livre ici une musique radicalement métronomique et obstinément répétitive. “Ostinato” avec sa basse soutenue, sa forme rythmique obsessionnelle et ses variations chromatiques, évoque une jeunesse en quête de grandes messes sonores improvisées dans des hangars industriels désaffectés.  “Clave” est quant à lui plus minimaliste et percussif, incarnant idéalement une bande-son crépusculaire taillée pour les planchers de danse.

℗ & © 2015 Bruit Noir Records
Distribution by Believe Digital
Artwork by Modul 19





Here is a new episode of the BruitNoir Showcase broadcasted on the Chicago based DJ International Radio.
Contains brand new stuff & rare handpicked tracks.

Tracklist :

1. LEVON VINCENT “The Beginning” [Novel Sound]
2. KINK “The Roots Of Techno” [Sharivari Records]
3. SHADED “SheShe” [Twin Turbo]
4. MIKRON “Product No” [Zone]
5. JON CONVEX “Snake” [Zone]
6. LIL LOUIS “French Kiss” (DON RIMINI Remix) [Unreleased]
7. MUMBAI SCIENCE “King Of The Top Floor” (Ft. DJ SPANK SPANK) Mumbai Rework
8. DANCE DANCE MANIAC “Message from Martha” [RZ Muzik]
9. 4-BIT.MICROCOMPUTER “Acid In My Glass” [Unreleased]
10. HOUZ’ MON vs. MEISTERFACKT “Make U High” (Ft. DEEJAY SOUND) [Bruit Noir Rec]
11. KMRT “Conquer” [GND Records]
12. MIXHELL “No Cinema” [Bad Life]
13. SPEEDFIX “Faceless Freak” (SEX COMPUTER Remix) [Bruit Noir Rec]
14. TURNTABLE ACTOR CHLOROFORM “Dirty Dirty Acid Kiss” [Out Of Obscure]
15. SKINLIPS “Ground Control” [Boxon Records]
17. SHINICHI OSAWA “Singapore Madness” (Ft. PAUL CHAMBERS) (ExtraMadness Re-edit)


JACK ON ACID – Various Artists EP [BRUIT NOIR 010]


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Here is a new feed for this year 2015 with the 10th release of the label. It deals with a special Various Artists EP called JACK ON ACID featuring HOUZ’MON, MEISTERFACKT, DEEJAY SOUND, SPEEDFIX & SEX COMPUTER.

The first track is a previously unreleased original production of SpeedFix, our Acid House soldier from Germany, remixed by Sex Computer. The result is a Jackin’ House powerful hit with a ghetto leitmotiv going like this : “Let da bass drop, it’s da freakin’ shit”. Last but not least, the second track is a remastered version of the remix for Houz’Mon “Make U High” by Meisterfackt. A real Chicago Acid House anthem with the voice of Deejay Sound : “Pump dat shit! Ride this Motherfucker!”. We’re glad to welcome Houz’Mon, that pionneer from Chicago who produced tracks on legendary labels such as Dancemania or DJ International Records.

Voici une nouvelle fournée pour l’année 2015 avec la dixième sortie du label. Il s’agit d’un “Various Artists” EP s’intitulant JACK ON ACID, avec la participation de HOUZ’MON, MEISTERFACKT, DEEJAY SOUND, SPEEDFIX & SEX COMPUTER.

Le premier morceau est une production originale inédite de SpeedFix, notre soldat de l’Acid House en provenance d’Allemagne, remixée par Sex Computer. Le résultat est un puissant hit Jackin’ House avec ce leitmotiv : “Let da bass drop, it’s da freakin’ shit”. Enfin et surtout, le second morceau est une version remasterisée du remix de Houz’Mon “Make U High” par Meisterfackt. A véritable hymne Acid House de Chicago avec la voix de Deejay Sound. Nous sommes heureux d’accueillir Houz’Mon, ce pionnier de Chicago qui a produit sur des labels de légende tels que Dancemania ou DJ International Records.



℗ & © 2015 Bruit Noir Records
Distribution by Believe Digital
Artwork by Pirate Castle



Here is a new feed for the Bruit Noir Showcase. This time it’s DJ ARG aka SpeedFix that gives you one hour of handpicked acid house tracks especially selected for the DJ International Radio from Chicago. If you want to get the tracklist of this mix, just catch him on his facebook’s artist page. :)






Here is a special tribute mix session made with 90% of classic & rare Chicago House tracks.

Tracklist :

1. TUFF LITTLE UNIT “Join The Future” [Warp Records]
2. KING COSMIC “Noodlings Of A Madman” [Unreleased]
3. LARRY HEARD Presents MR. WHITE “The Sun Can’t Compare” [Alleviated Records]
4. E.S.P “It’s You” [Underground]
6. MAURICE “This Is Acid” [Trax Records]
7. BAM BAM “Where’s Your Child?” [Desire Records]
8. A JACKIN’ PHREAK “Acid Sex” [RZ Records]
9. THE CHILDREN “Freedom” [DJ International Records]
10. MR. FINGERS “Can You Feel It” [Trax Records]
11. J.M. SILK “Music Is The Key” [DJ International Records]
12. RISQUE RYTHUM TEAM “The Jacking Zone” [Chicago Connection Records]
13. THE HOUSE MASTER BOYZ “House Nation” [Dance Mania]
14. PLEASURE ZONE “I Can’t Understand” [Trax Records]
15. ADONIS “No Way Back” [Trax Records]
16. KOOL ROCK STEADY “I’ll Make You Dance” [Trax Records]
17. PHUTURE “Phuture Will Survive” [Breakout]
18. FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK “Jack The Bass” [Trax Records]
19. TYREE “I Fear The Night” [Underground]
20. THE WEE PAPA GIRL RAPPERS “Heat It Up” (Acid House Remix) [Jive]

Also you can download it via soundcloud






1. BART B MORE “Bmore on Acid” [Secure Recordings]
2. VUITON “MFB” FEDECKX Remix [Vocabula]
3. CLAUDE VONSTROKE “Califuture (ft. Barry Drift)” [Dirtybird]
4. MARQUIS HAWKES “Outta This Hood” [Clone Jack For Daze]
5. LEVON VINCENT “Love Technique” [Get Physical Music]
6. DJEDJOTRONIC “Junkbox” [Zone]
7. TIGA & AUDION “Fever” ACID ARAB Remix [Turbo Recordings]
8. SPEEDFIX “R004D” [Bruit Noir]
9. MUMBAI SCIENCE “King Of The Top Floor” [Lektroluv]
10. SHEDED “Jane Smith Goes To DC10″ [Twin Turbo]
11. DON RIMINI “Non Stop” [Booty Call Records]
12. SPANK ROCK “Gully” BRODINSKI Remix [Boys Noize Records]
13. COSTELLO “Pegasus” [BNR Trax]
14. BLAME “Paranoid” [RESOURCES]
15. BART B MORE “Work Dat” [Secure Recordings]
16. MIGHTY MARK “Get Pumped In The Club (ft.Porkchop)”
17. THEO NASA “Psychedelic” MEISTERFACKT Rmx [Bruit Noir Rec]

Also you can download it via soundcloud by clicking here !